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We offer you a taxi service in Guardamar del Segura and nearby, quick and safe. We have capable professional with a lot of experience and many years of service transporting people to their destinations. Safe and Confortable.

We are known for our quick response and our treatment to our clients. We will leave you where you want. Be assured for reliable, safe and confortable service at the best rate.

At your service in the phone numbers that you can find in the website. Also through the contact form that you find in the tab 'contact'. Please, ask anything you need to us and remember: If you need a taxi, we are that you are looking for. Call us!

Our Taxis

We have the taxi that you need

Best solution to travel with a wheelchair. 5 seats, The usual 4 plus one extra wheelchair seat in the back side. Confortable and safe.

Ideal for 1 - 4 passengers wh travel light.

Best option to 1 - 4 people who travel with a big ammount of baggage and need for a wide trunk.

If you need a lot of cargo space because you are loaded, we have the taxi that you need. With this one your problems if you are very loaded with a lot of baggage are gone.